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Alaska Heli-Mush Glacier Sleddog Tour
Best Juneau Glacier Dog Sledding Tour - Northstar Helicopters

"It’s Not About How Many Breaths You Take.
It’s About How Many Times Your Breath is Taken Away."

Your flight

Helicopter Flight to Glacier Dog Camp - Bear Viewing

Helicopter Flight to Glacier Dog Camp - Eagle Viewing

Mountain Goat viewing on Helicopter Glacier Flight

Your Glacier Flight to “Dog World”

Most people come for the thrill of “mushing” a team of Huskies on a snow-capped glacier. However, just getting to our camp is an amazing sightseeing adventure all by itself.

Your excitement starts when you board a Helicopter and meet your personal pilot. You’ll fly about a half hour over several glaciers and incredible views on your way to “mush” with us so have your camera ready.

Often before getting to the icefield, we pass over mountain goats, bears, eagles and an occasional moose. As your pilot flies you’ll be able to talk to him or her with your headset and learn about the incredible scenery and wildlife below you. Have questions ready!

Truly the most incredible sight you will have is flying over the Taku Glacier. It is one of the last remaining glaciers in the world that is still advancing!  You’ll see where it is pushing huge boulders and trees over as it advances down the valley floor up to 100 feet a year! This sight alone is not to be missed!

As you make your way up to the Norris Glacier you’ll come around a corner to get your first view of what we affectionately call “Dog World”. There will be almost 200 sled dogs waiting for you!

You be flying in what we call “BIG COUNTRY”. The Norris Glacier is so very huge that “Dog World” with its 200 sled dogs and camp looks only like a small dot in the snow at first.  Heads up, your pilot will make a game out of who can see “Dog World” first.  Be on the look out and bring sharp eyes!



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