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Alaska Heli-Mush Glacier Sleddog Tour
Best Juneau Glacier Dog Sledding Tour - Northstar Helicopters

"It’s Not About How Many Breaths You Take.
It’s About How Many Times Your Breath is Taken Away."

behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes-Juneau Glacier Dogsled Tour

Behind the Scenes-Juneau Glacier Dogsled Tour

Behind The Scenes

Each spring, it takes a tremendous effort with a dedicated team to create a summer sled dog camp of 20 people and almost 200 sled dogs on top of a glacier. Our sled dog camp is very remote and the only way in is by helicopter.

We fly the entire camp to the icefield with “Slings” under the aircraft. The dogs are flown up inside the same helicopters you’ll fly in. We’ve made special dog boxes so we can carry about 12 dogs per flight. In September the dogs and camp are all flown back off the glacier. The camp gets stored in a warehouse and the sled dogs go home to their winter life of “mushing” and training for races like the Iditarod.

The camp housing our crew consists of 10 living tents, a cook tent, and community tent. We have all the comforts of home but no Internet, cell phones, or TV! We are off the grid! We live on the glacier with our dogs and spend the night with them on the glacier as well. We honestly enjoy the remoteness from the business of life and the time we have with our animals.

We are foursquare for protecting the Alaska we love. We take great pride and effort to keep our glacier pristine with leaving only footprints in the snow when we leave in the fall. To do this, all the waste from the camp and the dogs is actually flown off the glacier and taken proper care of in Juneau.

During your time with us we will enjoy sharing our lifestyle and how we put this all together. See you at “Dog World”!